Ponencias invitadas

Ponencia JISBD 2019 – Fecha por confirmar

Ponente: Dr. Paris Avgeriou

Dr. Paris Avgeriou is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands where he has led the Software Engineering research group since September 2006. Before joining Groningen, he was a post-doctoral Fellow of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Systems and Software, as well as an Associate Editor for IEEE Software. He also sits on the board of the Dutch National Association for Software Engineering (VERSEN) and the Dutch research school IPA. He has co-organized several international conferences such as ECSA, ICSA, and Tech Debt and served on their steering committees. His research interests lie in the area of software architecture, with strong emphasis on architecture modeling, knowledge, evolution, analytics and technical debt. He champions the evidence-based paradigm in Software Engineering research and works towards closing the gap between industry and academia.


Ponencia JCIS 2019 – Fecha por confirmar

Ponente: Fabio Casati

Fabio Casati is a professor of software engineering and machine learning at the University of Trento. Until 2006, he was technical lead for the research program on business process intelligence in Hewlett-Packard USA, where he contributed to several HP commercial products in the area of web services and business process management. He then moved to academia, where he started research lines on hybrid human-machine computations and on technologies for happiness and life participation, focusing on achieving direct positive impact on society through tangible artefacts, widely adopted by the community. He is co-author of a best-selling book on Web services and author of over 250 peer-reviewed papers.


Ponencia PROLE 2019 – Fecha por confirmar

Ponente: Fausto Spoto (JuliaSoft, Verona, Italia)

Fausto Spoto holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pisa (Italy) and is an Associate professor at the University of Verona (Italy). He started his research career by investigating on static analysis for declarative programming languages. Then, he developed similar techniques for the static analysis of object-oriented programs, by abstract interpretation. In 2003, he started developing the static analyzer Julia for Java bytecode and later founded JuliaSoft Srl, a company whose goal is the commercialization of Julia. He’s been the main researcher and developer of the tool in JuliaSoft Srl, until 2018, when he left the company.